November 13th

My internet connection is back to normal and so I have been busy catching up on all the things I was unable to do. 

I went to the doctor today and she is getting my an appointment to see a hand surgeon as I have a thickening of the tendons in my palm and my little finger will not straighten completely.  She took my blood pressure and it was sky high and I have been issued with a blood pressure monitor and I have to take and record it twice a day.  I am not worried about it as there is no heart disease in my family.

I am expecting Rowan Studio 33 very soon.  Apparently there is a design for a cape that uses a large amount of beads – I hope it is popular as I have thousands and thousands of Rowan beads as I bought them all when they stopped selling them.  John keeps threatening to throw them on the bonfire!

I know I am behind with the contest and promise to update it tomorrow.  Now I must get lunch!


November 10th

Sorry to have deserted you. I am having internet connection problems and can only connect using my iphone which is both slow and fiddly.  I think the problems were caused by the high winds last week as we have overhead telephone cables. An engineer is coming tomorrow.

Mr.Jackson came home with a rat!  He had killed it and he was puffed up with pride.  

I will do the contest tomorrow when I have a proper, speedy connection!  Back then.

November 7th

The Artyarns order is on it’s way to me, so everyone who placed an order can expect to receive it on Saturday.

Rowan requested I remove the post that mentioned the new yarns…….I have done so. I did not realise it was all so secret squirrel!.

Nothing else to report….all quiet!

November 6th



This design comes from Louisa Harding’s new book – Knits from an English Rose – that has just arrived. I have not had time to look at it in detail yet.

Maureen, Naomi, Grace and Juliette were the only ones to answer the last question correctly. The answer is that all of those countries in that list are in Europe and that they are the only countries in Europe not to have any of the letters of the word “Europe” in them.  Next one:

Can you think of three words that are pronounced differently when the first letter is capitalised :  Answers to with Capitals as the subject by midnight Friday please.

I had a delivery of FIlatura di Crosa Superior in new shades today – I am in the throes of photographing them. Also some Bergere de France patterns for silk and cashmere.

Time to bathe Slip’s paw…it is looking much better.


November 4th

We took Slip to the vet this afternoon as her claw is no better. He said he thinks she has an infection in the nail bed and may lose the claw. We have painkillers, antibiotics and a foot wash! We have put the foot wash in a dish and put her foot in it…once every two hours!

The Artesano Nebula has arrived but I have not had time to put it in my shop – will do so tomorrow

Going to have a bath now……feeling tired!

November 3rd



This is the new Sublime Lace yarn. It is 100% extra fine Merino and comes in 25g balls. Yardage is 383 yards / 350 meters. It is machine washable and there are eight shades. It retails for around $8.  Not sure if I shall stock it as it is very similar to Rowan Fine Lace and Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace.

Now for a new contest!  The prize is a copy of the Rowan Amore book.  FIrst question:

What have the spelling of the following countries in common: Albania, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Vatican City?

As this is a hard question I am going to give you a clue : think about where these countries are and that will help! Or, think of other countries that are in the same place as these and see what they have in common in their spelling –  the ones above do not have this common factor!

Answers to with spelling as subject by midnight Tuesday please.

I am cooking pork chops, roast potatoes, cauliflower in cheese sauce, baked onions and sprouts for lunch followed by baked apples stuffed with black currants and a toffee sauce!  Must go to the oven now!


November 1st

We seem to lurch from one disaster to the next.  Yesterday we took Slip to the vet for her booster injection – a thirty mile round trip.  When we got home we noticed that she was licking her paw excessively and, on examination, we found that it is very swollen where the claw joins her toe and red raw.  We cannot see any foreign body and so don’t know what to think. She is not limping but does lick it non stop.  John is shooting tomorrow and so won’t take her to the vet today in case he says she should not go shooting……just have to wait and see!

We went to Cambridge for the lobster last night and that was also a bit of a disaster.  I had a rabbit and parsley terrine to start with. It was rather dry and had big pieces of rabbit kidney in it which rather put me off. John had grilled goats cheese which was OK.  I then had the lobster and french fries. I am sure it had just been de-frosted as the shell was full of water. Also it was very small – a lobsterette really – only about six mouthfuls. John had a chicken and bacon pie with mash and broad beans. The pie was mostly pastry with very little filling.  He had two glasses of Chardonnay and I had two Expresso Martinis – tequila with a coffee liqueur – they were good.  The was a live pianist and it was far too loud – we were seated some distance from him but had to shout to have a conversation.

The icing on the cake was that we got a parking fine for having a wheel on the zig-zag marks near a pedestrian crossing!  Not a good evening!

The Artesano Nebula is coming tonight – deliveries seem to get later and later in the day.

I know what the new Rowan Spring yarns are….will tell you tomorrow!