Sorry, sorry, sorry!  I have been very busy packing and posting.  Plus we have had dreadful weather. The wind broke all the glass in the greenhouse during the night and John is outside fitting new as I write this.

Big news for those of you who have not heard……Rowan have discontinued Angora Haze.  There has been a lot of bad publicity in the UK regarding the treatment of the rabbits used to produce angora yarn and so Rowan have decided not to continue with it.  They are working on a substitute. I have ordered more before stocks run out as it is produced and any damage has already been done.

Another piece of news is that the new Rowan yarns and new shades are going to be here along with the magazine and books on January 14th,,,,,previously the yarns did not come until February 1st.

We are going out for a meal tonight – only to the pub. Tomorrow we shall be on our own. Boxing day we are going on our house hunting trip and on Sunday my brother and his wife are coming to lunch.  

I shall be posting the Christmas contest tomorrow – so come back then!

Happy Christmas and many thanks for your support!


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