December 8th



This is today’s pudding – home made meringues sandwiched together with Nutella ( this is a hazelnut chocolate spread) and whipped cream and decorated with toasted flaked almonds. I am cooking pork with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, cauliflower in cheese sauce, stuffing, sausages, roast onions and apple sauce for the first course.  

I have not yet had time to check the contest entries – I will try to do it later today. If not, first thing tomorrow. I am not going to the dentist with John as the treatment could take two hours – that is too long for me to sit and wait. I shall look after Slip and Jackson and go shopping. 

Now I must go and see to the lunch…back later if I have time.


December 6th

We went to the council meeting last night to find out it the development of 2,200 houses around us would be approved.  What a waste of time!  We arrived at 7.0pm and by 9.00 the 12 councillors who were debating the proposal were still on point one.  It was exceedingly boring and technical. We had had enough and so left and went to the pub. The meeting went on until 11.50pm and then……..the decision was deferred for further consultation with the developers!  So we are no further forward.

I have an appointment to see the consultant about my wrist.   It is on the 17th December at 11.30. I am pleased to go before Christmas.

Rowan are looking for knitters for their sample garments……you get to try out the new yarns and see the new designs before they are released and get paid. If anyone is interested, just let me know and I will email details of how to apply.

Going to get two lobster tails ready for dinner now…back tomorrow.

December 4th

Sorry to have deserted you!  I have been busy with John’s teeth!  He now has an appointment with a specialist next Monday. The clinic is on the outskirts of London and so we decided to do a trial run to see how long it will take to get there.  His appointment is at 8.30am and so the traffic will be very heavy.  We went at 10 am for our trial run and it took an hour to get there – 21 miles away!  So we think he must allow 2 hours on Monday. AND he wants me to go with him…..think he is a bit scared!

I have some more West Yorkshire Spinners Blue Faced Leicester DK on the way, also more Superior and the next batch of Artyarns orders are due very soon too.  It always seems that everything comes at once!

On Thursday we shall know our fate regarding the proposed development on the fields surrounding our house.  There is a public meeting and the proposal will be discussed and voted on by the local authority planning committee. We shall go and listen.  Then, if the go ahead is given for 2.200 houses, schools, health centre etc.etc, we can decided on a course of action.

No one answered the contest question correctly – the answer is eight.  So will everyone please try this one:

From the clues given, can you sort this out?



Sorry the clues are rather small…maybe best to print it out!! Use magnifying glass!

Answers to with appetisers as subject by midnight Saturday please!

Going to peel prawns now!

December 1st

Oh my!  I just nearly caused a fire in the kitchen!   I had toasted some flaked almonds in the oven to decorate my tart with. When they were done, I took them out and put them on the hob to cool.  I did not realise that the hob was on. I came to my computer and thought I could smell burning but decided it was the wood fire.  When I went back into the kitchen, the almonds were black and smoking!  They are now out on the lawn for the birds.  Luckily I have more and so can toast again.

Everyone answered the last question correctly, here is the next one:

Imagine a chess board 8 squares by 8 squares with two queens on it.  How many squares are there that will prevent the queens from taking one another?  Or, in other words, how many squares can a queen occupy which are safe from attack from the other queen?!

Answers to jannette@ with Queen as subject by midnight Tuesday please.

Now I must dash and do more almonds and try to get rid of the smell of smoke in the kitchen before John gets back!