February 7th



Noro Favourites is now available – these are lovely designs by Claudia Wersing.

Floods here today.



This is the view from my patio – it should be grass right down to the line of trees but the brook has burst its banks.



This view is from the bottom of the garden – there shouldn’t be any water visible.

We went to the fishing lake today and had to do a detour because lots of roads are closed. I took this photo through the windscreen as we were going through a flood.



More rain is forecast for tonight too.  We can go through quite deep water in the Land Rover and so can still go out!

Jackson had left this for me on the patio in the night……………………



Not my favourite present!

Now I must get on as we were out far longer than expected and I am behind!


4 thoughts on “February 7th

  1. Well, you know the expression “looking like a drowned rat”….. on a more serious note , you are now in an area with flooding and the powers that be think its OK to go in for massive building project. which can only make the problem worse. Some people in Somerset have spoken of the huge areas of development which have reduced the areas for water to soak away and have therefore contributed to the floods

  2. Even in dire weather dear Jackson is thinking of you. I don’t suppose he’s responsible for the sodden worm next to ratty but it’s a nice touch.

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