February 9th

Well, the floods have receded but now we have very strong winds…I could hardly stand up when I went outside just now.

I am knitting my cabled scarf



It is easy and does not require too much concentration.

To my horror, I see that yet another box is on the way to me from Designer Yarns. I have delayed the delivery until Tuesday…..maybe John will go pigeon shooting or something!

I have told John about the holiday and he was OK with it. He liked the sound of there only being 30 rooms and that the meals are proper sit down ones ( not buffets ) and that the wines are chosen to compliment the food.  And he does not mind going in the helicopter from the airport to the hotel. So I no longer have to worry about telling him.  We went out for a meal last night and he said that he thought I was thinking about a holiday for me and so I told him!

Lobster tails and rice with black beans for lunch today – a nice easy meal for a change.  

A lady telephoned me to say that she has 12 boxes of old yarn that she wants to sell – Rowan, Jaeger, Pinguoin, Patricia Roberts and so on. She is sending me a list and, providing the price is OK, I shall buy it.  

Now I must go and make some custard for the rhubarb tart!


One thought on “February 9th

  1. How was the rhubarb tart? I dearly love rhubarb, but can only buy it frozen in the stores here.

    My mouth also started watering when you mentioned old Rowan and Jaeger yarns. There has been some talk and reminiscing recently on the Rowan Love Ravelry group about the Patricia Roberts patterns of the past.

    Mary, Queen of Oil, AKA Esso

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