February 18th

The two photos below are taken from Windswept – a new book by Marie Wallin that is due at the beginning of next month.



There are some gorgeous patterns – mostly knitted in fine tweed.

Not so wet here this week and quite sunny for a change. We have lost Solo, our last white dove. We found a heap of feathers on the patio and think that the Sparrow Hawk has taken her.  We used to have a huge flock of doves, we started with four and they multiplied and multiplied.  The pigeon loft could not hold them all and so we got rid of them apart from one pair. One of the pair died some while ago and so we were left with one who we called Solo. We used to loan them out for weddings and funerals and they used to find their way home.

Jackson is in disgrace as he used the box we keep the kindling wood in beside the fire as an indoor toilet.  He has never done such a thing before!!  He said he was caught short and had to go – the box was flooded!  We have removed the box in case he thinks it is there for his use!

Now I am going to iron and then cook dinner – sausages, onions and mashed potatoes for John and I have a kipper.


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