February 27th

Sorry that I have not written recently.  I have been busy and also feeling a bit flat!  No real problems, just finding the daily grind hard to take at the moment.

Yesterday we went to Cambridge and bought a bean to cup coffee machine. Then we had lunch in a cocktail bar. I had a gorgeous Salted Karamel Appletini which is Stoli Gala Applik and Salted Karamel vodkas shaken over ice with apple juice and served in a martini glass with fresh mint. I could have happily sat there all afternoon trying out all the different drinks.  We shall go again,

Marie Wallin’s new book is due on Monday or Tuesday of next week. And I think Kim Hargreaves has a new book on the way too. We shall all be drowning in books.

Jackson has been difficult lately. He has terrorised Slip so that she dare not walk past him. Also he is forever lying in ambush behind chairs and curtains and pouncing out when she goes by and giving her a swipe of his paw.  I don’t think he means anything by it but she is afraid of him and comes and sits in my office. 

Now I must go and iron and dress some crabs for dinner!




3 thoughts on “February 27th

  1. Oh, Jackson! I admit having enjoyed many videos of cats terrorising dogs on YouTube. In fact, there is one named “Thou Shall Not Pass, Dog”. It is hilarious. (: I’m looking forward to the new book releases.

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