February 5th.

My imagined worst scene came true!  Yesterday I had four boxes arrive from Rowan and one from Designer Yarns – all at the same time. John was not pleased, in fact, I am still in the dog house!!  He will get over it in time.

The Rowan rep has just been – nothing new to show me apart from some Regia Baby sock yarn – small balls big enough to knit a pair of socks for a baby.

It has rained all day and there are strong winds.  Fields are still flooded.  Depressing time of year.  Why can’t I have the sort of husband who whisks me away somewhere warm?!  

Going to cook jumbo garlic prawns with rice now.  Back tomorrow.


February 3rd.

I have started knitting a cabled scarf:


I am using DB Rialto DK in emerald:



It is an easy pattern and I can knit it whilst watching TV. 

The shooting dinner is on Friday but I am not going as I get annoyed when people keep talking about how many pheasants they shot and what a great season it was.  I feel I am right to stand by my principals – I do not agree with game shooting and so am not going to sit and eat a meal that is celebrating it. John is not going either – I told him he was free to go but he says he won’t go without me.  I rather think this is a sneaky way of putting pressure on me….but I am not going!!

Yikes, just had an email from a courier to say an order from Designer Yarns is due to arrive tomorrow. I really don’t want it to come just yet……John is still getting over the one that came on Friday…another box will be the end!  Plus I have a box of Rowan discontinued coming tomorrow. Maybe I can alter the delivery day.

Rowan rep is coming on Wednesday, I don’t think she will have anything new to show me but you never know!

Now I must go and do some packing, then iron, then get dinner!