March 12th

Somehow I struggle from day to day.  Getting dressed and undressed is definitely one of the worst moments. John fumbles around trying to do my bra up and i am tense waiting for it to hurt. Sleeves are equally problematical.  He accompanies me around the supermarket and seems to be under the impression that everyone has to go the same way – no doubling back for forgotten items! i should have trained him better.  

We are managing to pack parcels but it is much slower than normal as he does not know what colours to look for if the names are not self explanatory .  So Felted Tweed Phantom means nothing to him!  But we get there in the end.

Jackson has a new ambush!  When I have the duvet tucked around me in the chair, he sneaks in behind it and waits until Slip goes by and leaps out. 

Time for a nap…I find I can type for about 15 minutes and then need to sleep for a bit.  I am thinking about setting up the dictation facility on my Mac as one handed typing is so slow plus anything needing the shift key is hard.


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