March 17th



Ugh!  This is the bruise below my elbow and you can see my fat arm!  The scar is from when I had an operation for tennis elbow years ago.

The pain is no better but as long as I take the pain killers, I can manage after a fashion.  I am not feeling so nauseous which is good. I am still sleeping upright in an armchair – nice not to have to listen to John snoring…..but I do have Slip in the room. She seems to chase things in her sleep as I can hear her legs banging on the side of her basket and she makes little yelps of excitement.Jackson is out but I hear him go past the patio door yelling. That means he is chasing something.

One small piece of news – Rowan Tweed Aran is being discontinued….I do not know why. 

We are going over to the fishing lake now – I can have a sleep whilst John does his casting practice!


One thought on “March 17th

  1. Oh, Jannette, you poor dear! I’m not certain which looks worse/more painful–the X-ray of the ugly break in your bone, or the swollen and badly-bruised arm on the outside! Why is it taking so long for something to be done to “fix” your arm? Is the doctor waiting for the swelling to subside, or for the bone to knit back together on its own (which is highly doubtful)?

    Mary, Queen of Oil

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