March 21st

Sorry I have not written for a while. I feel so tired all the time and drop off to sleep anywhere and everywhere.

I went to see the consultant this morning…a long, protracted affair what with waiting for an X Ray and then waiting to be seen.  Nothing has changed – there is next to no new bone growth, I have to wait another 2 weeks to see if it improves and, if not, an operation will be considered. I was issued with more pain killers. They no longer make me feel sick but I now have sore patches in my mouth..apparently a side effect of codeine.

I am still sleeping in a chair at night and have very swollen feet. I have had them on a foot stool but must raise my legs higher. General day to day activity is still very tedious especially eating and getting dressed. But life goes on!

Sorry, just typing these few sentences has made me tired…going to have a nap!



One thought on “March 21st

  1. Sorry to hear that! Wish I lived nearer so I could help out. Don’t understand why they are taking so long to try to fix the broken arm, but am hoping for the best!

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