March 7th

I went to the Fracture Clinic and saw Mr. Gul – the orthopaedic surgeon.  He said i would be in a lot of pain because it was a bad break in an awkward place. if the bones knit together in alignment, it is just a question of time. About 4 – 6 months for them to heal completely.  If they do not co-operate, then I shall need an operation to inset a plate and screws.  i have to go again next week for a X-Ray to see what is going on.  i have stronger painkillers too.

Still feel rather tearful at the slightest thing. John gets impatient with me because it takes me a long time to get in and out of the car – i have to do it gingerly .  More tomorrow.


March 6th

Well, I somehow struggled through the night. i went sleep OK but woke up at 3 and was glad to take more tablets. They take a long time to have any effect but, once working they do take pain away. But, the downside is that they make me feel very sleepy and heavy – also give me a very dry mouth.

Tomorrow it is the fracture clinic at 9.10 –  i hope i will be seen quickly but even if I am, I expect I shall have to go to X-Ray.

Sorry, I would write more but it is so tedious with one hand and i am so sleepy!   zzzzzzzz

March 4th

Today has been dreadful.   I went to the bathroom in the night  and, on my return, Iwet to lay down on the bed but I had not walked far enough into the room. i fell down and hit my left arm and shoulder on the wardrobe.  it was agony but i thought maybe it would go overnight  

Not so, i could not move my arm at all. John had to dress me and every movement was like red hot knives going up and down my arm. we then called an ambulance and they took me to the hospital  Every bump and jolt was so painful – I was in tears. They gave me gas and air which did numb it for a bit.

i had to wait four hours to be seen – that was the waiting time today.  A nurse gave me a shot of liquid Morphine which helped.  Then to Xray and then to see a doctor.  He said i have broken my arm near the shoulder and chipped the actual shoulder.  i have a sling and very strong painkillers and have to attend the Fracture clinic on Friday.

What an inconvenience…..only one hand….even typing is tedious.  John is hopeless around the house and i get frustrated……feeling very depressed at the moment.

March 1st

I have shingles on my right arm. I woke up in the night and could feel the familiar burning sensation and now the rash is starting to appear. I have cream to put on it and so I hope it will help with the pain.

Yesterday was mainly spent trying to assemble our new bean to cup coffee maker. Boy, was it complicated!  The diagrams in the book did not show things very clearly and it made the most annoying beeping if you put a part in the wrong way round or upside down. John, who never reads manuals, kept pressing buttons and it kept beeping back!  Eventually I figured out what went where and put the beans in the hopper and the water in the reservoir and set it in action.  Jackson was terrified by the noise of the grinder and fled.  I can see that I need to experiment with the amount of beans and water to get the strength we like.  Also I am not so keen on the amount of cleaning that has to be done after each brewing. Maybe we will only use it when we have guests!

Today I have been to the hairdresser and done some grocery shopping.  We are having lobster tails for dinner tonight and pork chops for lunch tomorrow.

This photo is of a dress knitted by the Mother of one of my customers. She used 2 balls of Kureyon Sock yarn and some oddments, some of which were over 40 years old!


I am going to put a page on my website showing my customers projects and so please send me photos together with details of yarn used. Don’t be shy!

Going to have a rest now – feeling tired!