May 31st

Firstly, for those who do not know, Marie Wallin has suffered a heart attack. She is OK now but has been in hospital. You can read about it in her blog. One never knows what is around the corner.

Tonight we are going to the Salisbury Arms in Hertford for dinner.  We have not been out much lately and so it will be nice.

Jackson is in John’s good books as he caught a squirrel!  I watched him pursue it up the walnut tree. I could not take it from him – he growled at me and I could not part his jaws.

Nothing really new on the yarn front – I am still knitting the wretched squares for the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Knitalong – six in the same pattern each time is rather tedious!  Here are my bobbles and doughnut ones:


The pattern for the next square will be issued on Monday.

Going to make some meringues for lunch tomorrow now!


May 27th

We are back from Scotland. I enjoyed it and had a good rest. John did not catch any salmon but liked going through the motions. I did post some photos on Facebook but, as I know you don’t all use FB, here they are again!



This is Slip on fish watch!


This is Hamish, the Harris Tweed dog that was on our bed at the hotel. I fell in love with him and have now ordered one in a different tweed, he is called Muted MacKenzie:


SInce our return, John managed to fall into the local river. He was not hurt but his iPhone was in his pocket and got soaked. We tried immersing it in a bag of rice but after 3 days there was still no sign of life and so he has bought a new one. That was not without problems as we tried to do it on-line by upgrading the damaged phone. All OK until the checkout when they wanted to send a text to the old phone that he was upgrading. As the old phone was not working, we could not see the text.  Difficult conversations with support staff in India followed with no satisfactory result. In the end we went to the O2 shop and they sorted it!

I have a new Artisano Alpaca lace yarn coming with patterns – the colours are lovely. I am still doing the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Knitalong and am enjoying it. Not sure what will happen when I have to sew it together as I am HOPELESS at sewing!

My arm is so so – OK as long as I do not lift or twist it.  Must go and finish packing now!

May 17th

We are off to Scotland in the morning. Right now I am anxiously waiting for Mr. Jackson to appear as we have to take him to the cattery by midday – it is now 10 am.  I drove myselff to the hairdresser earlier and managed OK but my arm is now aching a lot. 

We are staying here in Scotland. Slip is getting ready and keeps trying to pack her smelliest bones – I have told her this is not on, but she keeps sneaking them in when my back is turned.

It is an eight hour drive to Scotland and we are leaving at 8.0am. John starts fishing here on Monday. I expect it will be cold and I am taking all warm clothes including thermal underwear!

The Rowan rep came on Friday and showed me the new yarns and books. I am not going to post photos here as I always get a slap on the wrist from Rowan for doing this, but if you want details, email me.

More later.

May 13th

Yesterday I drove for the first time in eight weeks. It was OK – painful when I turned the steering wheel but I managed it!  I shall go a little further each day so that my arm gets used to it gradually.

New offerings from Araucania are one yarn called Laguna which is aran weight. It is 60% Alpaca and 40% wool and comes in 10 variegated shades There are also 5 single patterns:



I have just found out that the Rowan Chenille Collection and the Denim pattern book are not due until mid June. Also, Pure Wool Worsted in Soft Cream is not due until mid August!   

Jackson is in the dog house as John found the remains of a baby bird under the sun lounger – this is where Jackson always leaves his kills. I tried saying that the bird might have had a heart attack and Jackson could have found it already dead but this did not wash well! Jackson is now confined to the house in daylight hours until the nesting season is over!

Must go and feed Slip as she is hovering – she has pork kebabs for dinner!






May 11th

We went out last night to the Three Horseshoes and I had crab and John had lemon sole. It was nice – I enjoyed my crab! Today I am cooking beef in red wine followed by some brandy snaps. I have just made these and want to make baskets but I could not get the cooked mixture to mould around a glass to shape it and so have taken the easy way out and rolled them around the handle of a wooden spoon and made cigar shapes. I shall fill them with raspberries and cream.

I have one more square to finish for the Rowan Mystery KAL and then I shall be ready for the new pattern which will be released tomorrow.  Here are three of my squares


I am not looking forward to sewing them together…I hate anything to do with sewing!

This time next week we will be on our way to Scotland – it is about an eight hour journey. Jackson’s eye is better today – open wide and looks bright!  Back tomorrow.