May 9th

There are two new yarns from Noro for the coming winter. First is Hanabatake


This is 55% wool, 35% Silk and 10% Mohair and comes in 50 g balls. 

The second new on is Janome


This is 60% Silk and 40% wool and also comes in 50g balls.  To be honest, I cannot see much difference between all the Noro yarns!

There are two books – Noro Love Letter which features the two new yarns:


And Noro A Way of Life which is for Silk Garden, Kureyon and Obi




There are 4 new shades of Silke Garden, Obi and Kureyon. There will also be a World of Nature booklet.

Slip came back with a baby rabbit this morning – obviously one of Jackson’s victims as the neck had been eaten. He hides under some fir trees where the rabbit burrows are. He was good at the vets yesterday and only did a small growl. He has also adapted to motoring and does not yell for the entire journey. He did say he would quite like to come to Scotland with us rather than going to the Timbers cattery!

Going to cook a paella for dinner now!


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