May 10th

Here are the two new Winter yarns from Louisa Harding: First is Sulka Nina which is 60% wool, 20% Alpaca and 20% Silk. It is 4  ply weight and comes in 50g skeins.


Patters are in single leaflet form – here are three:


The second new  yarn is Llama Una. This is 100% Llama and comes in sixteen shades. It is DK weight.


Again, the patterns are singles and here are three:


We are going out to eat tonight to the Three Horseshoes. Going out is possible now that I can pull up my knickers if I need to go to the bathroom!  

Jackson has a sore eye which is weeping. He has either stung it with some nettles or been kicked by Mama Rabbit whilst peering into burrows.  These sore eyes usually clear up after he has had a sleep. Of course, it could all be a plot so that I do not go to Scotland and he will not have to go to Timbers cattery!  Back tomorrow.


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