May 13th

Yesterday I drove for the first time in eight weeks. It was OK – painful when I turned the steering wheel but I managed it!  I shall go a little further each day so that my arm gets used to it gradually.

New offerings from Araucania are one yarn called Laguna which is aran weight. It is 60% Alpaca and 40% wool and comes in 10 variegated shades There are also 5 single patterns:



I have just found out that the Rowan Chenille Collection and the Denim pattern book are not due until mid June. Also, Pure Wool Worsted in Soft Cream is not due until mid August!   

Jackson is in the dog house as John found the remains of a baby bird under the sun lounger – this is where Jackson always leaves his kills. I tried saying that the bird might have had a heart attack and Jackson could have found it already dead but this did not wash well! Jackson is now confined to the house in daylight hours until the nesting season is over!

Must go and feed Slip as she is hovering – she has pork kebabs for dinner!







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