May 17th

We are off to Scotland in the morning. Right now I am anxiously waiting for Mr. Jackson to appear as we have to take him to the cattery by midday – it is now 10 am.  I drove myselff to the hairdresser earlier and managed OK but my arm is now aching a lot. 

We are staying here in Scotland. Slip is getting ready and keeps trying to pack her smelliest bones – I have told her this is not on, but she keeps sneaking them in when my back is turned.

It is an eight hour drive to Scotland and we are leaving at 8.0am. John starts fishing here on Monday. I expect it will be cold and I am taking all warm clothes including thermal underwear!

The Rowan rep came on Friday and showed me the new yarns and books. I am not going to post photos here as I always get a slap on the wrist from Rowan for doing this, but if you want details, email me.

More later.


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