May 8th

There are two new yarns from Louisa Harding for Autumn. The first is Susurro


This is a 100% Baby Alpaca and is spun with a chain construction that makes it light. Here are 3 designs from the Susurro pattern book:


The second new yarn is called Esquel


This is a blend of Wool, Llama and Silk. It has a “dry” feel to it and there are 20 shades. There will be a pattern book but I do not have details as yet.

There are seven new shades of Luzia including a pale pink, a silver blue, a pale beige and navy. There are also new shades of Amitola, Orielle and Grace.

We are taking Jackson to the evening as he needs his booster injection before he goes to the cattery when we go to Scotland. He has been in all day and I am hoping that he does not suddenly demand to go out and does not come back! It is raining so perhaps he will stay in.

I now have, or can obtain, all shades of Pure Wool Worsted apart from Cocoa Bean which is due any day.  The Chenille Collection  is due too as is the new Denim book. Seems like new things are coming everyday – much to John’s dislike!


April 7th

I now have the new Rowan Chenille in stock and the pattern book is en route to me! Chenille is one of my favourite yarns and so I am pleased that Rowan have re-introduced it.

Here are some photos from the new Debbie Bliss books:

Three from Fine Donegal Tweed

ft1 ft2 ft3

Three from Paloma Tweed

paloma1 paloma2 paloma3

And 3 from Roma

roma1 roma2 roma3


Mr Jackson has been a bad cat!  He has made a personal toilet in the runner bean bed and scratched up all the beans that were germinating. John has now put lots of ashes around the plants and so if Jackson squats there again, he will get a pricked bottom!

I am still doing the Rowan Knitalong and am on week three. I am not using the suggest colours but rather ones that I have stock of – mostly greens, blues and greys. Instead of doing 3 squares in each of 16 colours, I am doing 6 in eight colours. And when the next shipment of Artyarns arrives I am joining the Silk Halo KAL.

Must pack parcels now as John and Slip have gone fishing for the day. Back tomorrow with the new Louisa Harding.

May 6th

Sorry I have not written for ages. Since my accident I have been feeling very depressed – not sure if it is the tablets that I am taking or what. Everything seems a struggle and rather pointless.  I don;t write because I feel depressed and then I feel depressed because I have not written!

Anyhow, I am here now. The Designer Yarns rep came today and showed me all their new yarns. These are the offerings from Debbie Bliss:


This is Roma which is similar to Big Wool.It is 70% Wool and 30% Alpaca and knits on US 13 or 12mm needles. There are 16 shades and it comes in 100g balls.


This is Paloma Tweed which is Paloma with a fleck – There are eight colours – all soft shades.


Last, but not least, is Fine Donegal which is 95% wool and 5% cashmere. There are sixteen colours and it knits on US#3 or 3.25mm needles. The balls are 100g.

There are books to accompany all the new yarns and I will post some photos tomorrow.

Among the existing DB yarns there are 8 new shades of Baby Cashmerino and no discontinued, 12 new shades of Cashmerino Aran, 5 new Rialto DK, 5 new Rialto Chunky, 4 new Riva and 4 new Luxury Tweed Aran.  All Rialto Aran is discontinued and lots of shades of Angel and Party Angel are discontinued to leave only core colours in these ranges.

My arm is healing slowly but a snail has got nothing on the speed or lack of it. I still cannot lift my arm at all and so cannot put things over my head. Also I cannot drive.

Back tomorrow with more new yarns and books!