July 30th

Here I am, as promised!
My arm gets a little better each day and I can do most things. Taking clothes off over my head is still hard and painful and I often get stuck halfway. Driving is OK as is carrying light bags or boxes. I can now sleep on that arm too. The surgeon said 6 months and it is nearly 5 and so I guess he was correct.

We are going to Ireland for the day on August 14 to look at a house – see http://www.formerglory.ie/property-rathclare-house.html. it is a large house – lots of empty rooms for me to store yarn in plus outbuildings! We ccan do the trip in a day if we catch an early flight to Cork and a late one home. Jackson can stay here and Julie will have Slip for the day.

I have been knitting the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted afghan as part of a KAL. The knitting was OK but now I am sewing the thing up! 48 squares to join. As some of you know, I am hopeless with a needle and am finding it hard but am gradually getting there. Then I have to sew on a cable trim. Not sure what on earth I shall do with the blanket…maybe Jackson will like it!

I have been buying clothes ready for St.Lucia…..only 5 weeks until we go. I thought I had better buy a “formal” dress for the gala dinner that is held on Sunday nights and ended up with this


It is black crepe and swings out from the waist. I thought I could dress it up with one of my Artyarns shawls.  I also have a very pretty cardi that one of my customers knitted for me

ayjacket ayjacketa

I have also bought sundresses and shorts.  I bought the shorts online from Gap and got confused between US and UK sizes. On checking the confirmation of my order, I saw that I had bought UK6 when I wanted US6. Oh well, I could send them back if needs be. They duly arrived and I can fit into them fine.  I have lost weight since my fall principally because I am not drinking so much.  John keeps an eagle eye on my consumption and I am only allowed 2 glasses of wine with 3 at weekends.  No vodka at all!  But I still look longingly at it in the supermarket!  Wait ’til I get to St.Lucia – I shall make up for lost swallows!

Jackson is well. Unfortunately he has been catching birds – mainly baby robins that have just left the nest. I have found 3 recently and have managed to dispose of them before John saw them.  Reminds me, there is one in my kitchen waste bin right now – I must empty it.

Slip has been swimming a lot. It has been very hot and so we take her to the fishing lake most days and she has a swim.  This weekend there is a big music festival in the fields around the lake and access to the lake is closed. Details of festival are here : http://www.standon-calling.com

Must go and pack parcels and then get dinner prepared – Toad in the Hole for John and a crab for me – I have to dress the crab!