August 3rd

At last I have sewn the Rowan KAL throw together – what an awful task! I still have some ends to darn in plus I have to finish knitting the cable trim and then sew that on. Here it is so far:

Yesterday John noticed a lot of dust on the roof of his car in the garage…like fine wood. He climbed up and looked at the rafters and we have woodworm. He is now dressed in his bee keeping equipment and spraying the infected wood.

Today I am cooking sliced potatoes and onions in garlic and cream with giant prawns in olive oil and garlic. For pudding I am making an apple and blackberry pie. As John still has gout he does not want to eat any meat at the moment.

My local Waitrose tell me that they will no longer be selling cooked fish – prawns, crabs, kippers etc on the fish counter. This is because of an EU directive which says cooked and raw fish cannot be sold together! I buy a lot of prawns and crabs and so will have to send away for them.

Ian from Designer Yarn is coming to see me tomorrow. They are going to start selling KnitPro needles…..not sure quite why as there are already 2 or 3 UK distributors.

Now I must start cooking and then get on with knitting the trim!


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