August 7th

Just had some rather depressing news. A surveyor came to see us about applying for permission to develop our land. He said that there is no chance – the land that our house and our neighbours house stand on is green belt.
So that means we either stay here and hope we are dead before the development gets to us or try to sell the house and land now. Because the development will be all around, the value of the house and land will be much less than it is at present surrounded by open fields. Any prospective buyer will be told about the future housing estates that will surround this house. Not quite sure what to think – I will have to let the news sink in.

On a brighter note, there are six new shades of Kidsilk Haze Stripe coming in September

John found a heap of mouse carcasses in the greenhouse – just bones and the odd eye. Mr. Jackson has obviously been taking his catches in there and eating them.

Going to cook a Paella now!


2 thoughts on “August 7th

  1. No, apparently the government released the land all around us from the green belt but decided my house and my neighbours house and land ( about 3 acres in total ) would be left as green belt – an oasis in the middle of the development. Another scenario is that we sell our house and the land directly behind it now and keep the land at the side ( just under an acre ) in the hope of future release from the green belt.

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