January 30th

Yes, I am still alive. I have decided to start posting again.

For those of you who do not know, my Bengal cat, Jackson went missing on 20th December and has not been seen since. It is a complete mystery as to what has happened to him. As you can imagine, I was heart broken but I have had to come to terms with it and accept that he is never going to come back.

I have a new Bengal kitten coming. I am going to call him Otis and we collect him on February 6th.
He will have his own blog called Observations by Otis. Here is a photo of him


4 thoughts on “January 30th

  1. Oh! I’m soo sorry about this. Maybe he is happy and well in another home. I had two cat girls that dissapeared (both is less than one month) and I suspect they found a new family.
    Otis is a beautiful guy!!

  2. Oh No! That is awful news. Have to hope he has been rescue, taken home or even catnapped I suppose as would like to think he is being looked after somewhere. Have you notified local vets???? I recall Jackson often needed vets visits so you never know, he might appear in a surgery with a new owner

  3. How lovely to hear your ‘voice’ again Jannette. I hope you’ve fully recovered and that your shoulder is back to normal.

    Jackson’s missing? I can imagine how much your heart must be breaking. Otis is a beautiful kitty. When does he become part of your family? How’s Slip?

  4. Jannette, I am so sorry about this! Jackson was adorable! I’ve been reading your blog since he was a tiny thing and now, this news! Big hugs, dear.

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