February 6th

Otis is here!  He is very shy and timid but of course it is a strange environment for him with strange smells, strange people and a DOG!  He is in his pen at the moment but I did have a game of ball with him earlier. He loves being stroked and purrs.  John and Slip are going out rabbit shooting tonight and so I will have another game with Otis. He will be starting his observations tomorrow – I will post a link here.

We saw the Serval. It is a magnificent cat. About as big as a Labrador. He did not like John and hissed at him. John was impressed with him – who knows, maybe there is hope for me getting one?No, it would not be practical as you are not allowed to let them out and have to have a Dangerous Wild Animal licence to keep one. And . as I do not want to breed, there would not be much point in having an animal that would have to be in a pen all the time.  He had a very big pen with trees in and shelves running around it at various levels.

Now I must cook dinner – today has flown by!

3 thoughts on “February 6th

  1. welcome to your new home, Otis! Can’t wait to hear your news. Jannette, another cat with typing skills! they never cease to amaze me xx

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