February 11th

Sorry I have been AWOL.  Otis keeps me very busy. He is into everything and I have to keep an eye on him as there are so many hazards! I do go out of the room and leave him and when I can no longer here him chasing his ball or rushing around I have to go back to see what he is doing – when he is silent it usually means he is up to no good!

My website is down at present – there are problems with the servers. This is very annoying but there is nothing I can do but wait for it to be fixed. If anyone wants anything, just email me.

I am knitting Veronica from Rowan 36.  As much as I love knitting shawls, I realise that I am never going to wear them as I just don’t go anywhere that is suitable. I already have two Veronicas and I do wear them a lot and so I thought a third one would not go amiss. I am knitting it in Rialto 4 Ply held double.

veronica veronicaa


Time to get lunch for Otis!  He eats like a horse!

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