Febraury 20th

Sorry I have not written lately…Otis is a real handful. He does not give me a moment’s peace. He is either trying to bite or wrestle with my arms as I type or into mischief. He eats like a horse and drinks gallons of water. Hence his litter box needs constant attention!  He is so quick – it is all I can do to stop him escaping out of the patio door when I open it to go outside.

My Marion Foale Veronica cardi is coming along nicely – I would take a photo but Otis will interfere and I don’t want him to pluck at it. Maybe when he is asleep. Funnily enough, my sister in law went to school with Marion Foale.

Sunday we are going out to lunch to The Orange Tree –  we have not been there before.

It has taken me about 20 minutes to type these few lines as Otis keeps hitting the keyboard and making funny characters appear. I am going to feed him and perhaps he will go to sleep!

One thought on “Febraury 20th

  1. Good morning Jannette,

    How sweet you are to share Otis with us !

    Your Otis stories make me chuckle and help me put my three horribly spoiled feral cats in perspective ! Just so that you know, it is possible for a very small, innocent-looking four pound brown cat to hang on a second floor window screen, over your bed, at 5:45AM, just so that you will open the downstairs’ door with cat breakfast , no later than 6:00AM . . .

    I remember discussing with you, how charming Laurel Burch’s work was – do you think I might check with her about all those sweet, peace-loving cats that she draws ?

    Thank you so much for making me smile !

    Sarah Barich

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