February 4th

Good news!  We are going to collect Otis on Friday rather than Saturday!  I shall be able to see the Servals that Jackson’s breeder has too. They are to die for but very expensive. You can see them here. It is about a hundred mile drive – I am going to take a good look at the map so that we do not get lost yet again!

The new Debbie Bliss Delphi has arrived along with the book, also ten new shades of Louisa Harding Noema and four new shades of Debbie’s Rialto Lace.

I have the last packs of Angora Haze in Nest on their way to me. This was by far the most popular shade which I find strange as I much prefer the stronger colours.

Slip’s paw is healing. She wears a polythene bag over it when she goes out so that it keeps dry. John fusses over her – keeps bathing it and applying Germolene!

It is still cold here but no more snow. I am bundled up in an Alice Starmore fair isle sweater and a Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf.

Got to pack parcels now – I am trying to wear gloves but it is slow progress trying to extract balls of wool from packs whilst wearing them.

February 2nd

I have purchased a new bed for Otis. It is like a sleeping bag. I can fold one end under to start with if it is too big for him


I have  also bought a new scratching post and several toys.  So I think I am ready!

Slip has an injured paw. She must have cut it whilst shooting on Saturday. There is a deep gash across one of the pads on her right paw. We have bathed it and put a sock over it. She also ripped a dew claw off on Saturday and so has a sore place there too. However, she insisted on going pigeon shooting this afternoon and so cannot be in too much pain.

We are going to Scotland in May. John is fishing for a week and I can have a rest. I like the hotel – we stayed there last year and I enjoyed it. I have not planned a Caribbean trip yet but am thinking  about Barbados or Antigua.

The new Debbie Bliss Delphi is due tomorrow along with new shades of Rialto Lace and Pure Silk DK. Plus books! Don’t think John will be too pleased at the sight of yet more yarn!