February 13th

Otis is being very naughty!  He is insistent in coming into the kitchen – he is not allowed in there as John does not like animals in where food is prepared!  As soon as I open the kitchen door, Otis is there! He is so small and he wriggles through the tiniest gap.  He is also watching how the door handles work and I think he will be opening them for himself when he is a bit bigger.

Two small pieces of news – Louisa Harding Luzia and Araucania Malpo and Puelo are all being totally discontinued.  And the Rowan Crochet-Along will start in March. There are four projects to choose from. They all use Rowan Summerlite and the largest one only takes 10 balls. There are four different colour ways  – some bright and some more subdued. Otherwise all quiet here!

Better go – Otis has just stolen a box of rubber bands off my desk!