January 28th

Two new pictures of Jackson!! He still looks such a baby – but he has fine whiskers and big paws!

I have put the Debbie Bliss Amalfi in my store and also two new shades of Kureyon sock yarn and the last of the Kidsilk Haze Glacier.  I still have the new shades of Debbie’s Baby Cashmerino and Rialto 4 Ply to do.

We are going out for a drink tonight to suss out the meal for the shoot dinner on Saturday. There will be about 20 people – goodness knows how we are all going to fit into this tiny pub plus there will be ordinary customers there too. The mind boggles! What to wear is the next dilemma – do I go for the demure look in straight skirt and white shirt or the wild look in mini skirt and thick tights and boots?!  I shall have to do some rehearsals,

Now I must go in the bath and get ready to go out….back tomorrow!