January 30th

It is a quarter to three here. We woke up to more snow this morning but it has nearly all gone now as it is sunny but very cold. John and Slip are shooting and are expected back at 4.0pm and then we are going to the pub for the shoot dinner at 6.30pm.

I have decided to wear a cobalt blue scoop neck top which has pleats that fall from the neck and black trousers that have a satin stripe down the outside of each leg.  I am wondering who will be there….let me see…Steve and Lyn ( Saffy and Ruby’s owners) David who is an importer ( and a VERY heavy drinker) and his wife who is also Lyn, Andy the gas fitter and his wife Kay, Chris who is a builder and his wife Nicki, Barry who is an accountant and his wife ( name unknown) Nick the butcher and his wife ( name unknown), Nigel who is a builder and his wife ( name unknown), Julian who is nothing to do with the shoot and maybe some more!!  It is going to be a tight squeeze in the pub.  I have had to promise to be on my best behaviour and not make any wise cracks about shooting!  I must be careful how much I drink as I tend to get carried away if I have too much! I will take my iPhone and take photos!

I have put the new Rowan Revive in my store along with the Rowan Purelife Recycled Collection and Rowan Summer Crochet. I like some of the crochet designs but, since I cannot crochet, I shall not be making them!

Now I am going to do my nails and wash my hair.  I will be back tomorrow with a full report on the dinner!