September 30th

Well, I have given up with the holiday…John is so unresponsive to my suggestions. It is hopeless. I shall buy myself a new desktop iMac and a new digital camera instead!!

I am having my hair cut tomorrow at 8.30 am and then my car is being valeted by Mark who live next door. Then Bob is coming to service the boiler.  We are still picking walnuts – John is now suggesting we make walnut oil – no way!!

Today is the last day to post in my forum and be in with a chance of winning a pack of Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere so don’t be shy!

Studio 17 should arrive tomorrow and also I am expecting some Jamiesons. Now I am going to knit – back tomorrow.

September 29th

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Oh dear, I am even more confused as to where to go now! I asked some questions on the British Virgin Islands forum and several people recommended Peter Island. This is a resort on a private island.  You can read about it here.  The downside is that we would still have to fly from Antigua to Beef Island but then a private yacht would take us to the island.  It is also rather expensive and that is without adding the airfares on!!  Please all buy more yarn to help me go!!

Here is the recipe for the Angel’s Cloud Cake.  You need enough puff pastry ( shop bought is fine) to make 6 circles about the size of a side plate. Roll out 6 circles and bake them according to the instructions. Roll as fine as you can.
Put them on a rack to cool. Whip up some cream and raspberries with sugar to taste  (or any other fruit you fancy – stem ginger is also good) and sandwich the layers together with the cream mix.
Make some glace icing but use lemon juice instead of water – you want quite a thin consistency. Pour this over the top layer of the stack of pastry circles and let it run down the sides. Then you can decorate with toasted almonds or fruit or chocolate curls. You can also make the icing using orange juice but I like the sharpness of the lemon.  It is best to make this on the day of eating as the filling will eventually make the pasty go soft!  Next recipe will be how to make a Dougal!!
Nothing new to report on the yarn front – Studio #17 should come any day. Back tomorrow.

September 28th

Well, my holiday plans have not got very far. After more research, I find that as well as taking 3 flights to get to Anegada, we would have to stay on Beef Island overnight en route. It is too much messing about and so now I am looking at Barbuda which is 12 miles off Antigua and would involve a short flight from Antigua plus a boat trip!!  I am looking at North Beach Cottages – if you click on the link you can read a blog about them and see some photos. I know that John would like the fact that it is isolated and unspoilt. I have emailed for more info!

I slept very badly last night and was still awake at 3.30am. Suddenly the security floodlights came on. I was about to wake John and they went off.  Then five minutes later they came on again and then went off.  Logically, I knew it was a fox or a cat that had made them come on but I imagined I could hear footsteps outside the bedroom window – we are in a bungalow – and going to sleep was impossible.  I think I got about one hour’s sleep in the end and so feel washed out today.

I am going to knit now and perhaps have a nap! Back tomorrow!

September 27th

I am writing this early as I always seem to get bogged down on Sundays after lunch. The beef is roasting in the oven and we are having roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage peas and yorkshire pudding. I have made an Angel’s Cloud Cake for pudding. This is layers of puff pastry sandwiched together with raspberries and whipped cream and the top layer has a sharp lemon icing ( frosting in the US!).

I have been looking at holidays – I know that John does not want to go to Jamaica again as he hates being shut in the resort. So I have decided on this. It is not glitzy or fancy but the big plus is that John can go fishing for bone fish on the beaches. Also we can hire a car and bicycles and tour the island in safety.  The only downside is a 10 hour flight to Antigua from London, plus another flight to the British Virgin Islands and then another flight to Anegada Reef.  I don’t think I will mention this to John!  I have emailed the owner and her reply made it sound just what we want – beaches and sun for me and fish for John. It seems laid back which will also suit J as he does not like to be regimented as to meal times and so on.  So I am going to suggest it tonight – wish me luck!

I shall be listing some Kochoran at a special price tomorrow – not a vast amount tho’.

Now I am going to put the Yorkshire Pudding in the oven – back tomorrow.

September 26th

Today did not get off to a good start.  I went out to my car and put my purse and shopping bags in the boot and got into the car. I turned the key – nothing!   John was out and so I decided to call Mercedes Assist and ask for the man to come. But when I went to open the boot to get my purse that had the house keys in, it would not open – not enough power in the battery to open it. So I could not get indoors to get the telephone number for Mercedes Assist.

I thought to look in the manual which was in the car and discovered I could take the key apart and there is a skeleton key inside that would open the boot. The key was hard to take apart but I did it and opened the boot with the skeleton key.  I called and the man came within half an hour.  Somehow I had left the parking light on and it had drained the battery.  I have never used the parking light but I did turn off the automatic lighting system and had turned the knob too far and activated the parking lights!!  It only took minutes to get it started but then all the electrical components have to be tested on a computer – windows, locks, on board computer and so on.  It is fine now but I did feel a fool!!

We are going out to eat now – the Three Willows and I am hoping for crab on the menu!  Back tomorrow.