September 30th

Manos del Uruguay SIlk Blend Finos

Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino #6362

I have been busy skeining the Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino which arrived yesterday afternoon – it is very unusual for things to arrive on Saturday! The pattern books were not in the box – I expect they will come separately.

We went to the Sword Inn Hand last night. I had sardines in parma ham – they were rather salty! John had a lemon sole which he enjoyed. I am cooking roast beef for lunch today with roast potatoes, red peppers stuffed with rice and sweetcorn, cauliflower in cheese sauce and roast onions.  I have made a new desert – it is a blackberry and chocolate mousse. Basically it is dark chocolate melted with double cream and then stir an egg yolk in. Whisk the egg white separately with a tablespoon of golden caster sugar and then fold that into the chocolate mixture. Crush blackberries with some icing sugar and put them into the bottom of a sundae glass and then put the chocolate mixture on top!  I will let you know if John enjoys it or not!

Three more mice caught up in the loft – that makes a total of eight.  I have not heard any noise since we caught the last one and so maybe that was the end of them.

Going to iron now.  Back tomorrow.

September 28th

Today has been very fraught!  John is buying a new gun and has to take the original of his Shotgun Certificate to the gunsmiths.  Do you think we could find it?!  He said that he had a copy of it in the Land Rover, well, a copy is no good.  After hunting through desk drawers, files and folders,  I looked at the copy – it was not a copy at all, but the original!  We must have wasted over an hour hunting for something that was right in front of our noses.  We are going to collect the gun next week. It is about 80 miles from here and I expect we shall get lost as usual

A new contest is starting today.  The prize is a Laurel Burch cosmetic bag. This can also be used for short needles, stitch holders, tape measure and other small knitting accessories.

I cannot guarantee that the design will be the same as the one shown above, but they are all lovely! First question is:

Harold, James, Michael, Neil, John…..who comes next?   Answers to with Bag as subject by Sunday midnight please.

I had heard more noises in the loft earlier this week and so we set two traps. When we looked yesterday, we had caught two wood mice.  Jackson denied all responsibility!

Going to make some scampi for dinner now – back tomorrow.

September 27th


Here is a preview of the new ROwan Studio due early October – it is called Studio Crochet. Get your hooks at the ready.

We have a winner for the contest!  The answers were  names of rivers ( hence my flowing clue!) : Wye, Ouse, Exe and Usk. Maureen got it right and so she has won – let me know which shade you would like!   I will start a new contest tomorrow.

I have put the Louisa Harding Amitola yarn in my store. I am not usually a great fan of her  yarns but this one is very nice.   Back tomorrow.


September 26th

Ugh! What a frustrating day.  My printer has been playing up for some while now – sometimes it will print, sometimes it won’t!  I can usually get it to go by turning it off and on or removing  and replacing the ink. Today, I could not make it go. I bought a new printer about a month ago and so decided it was time to bite the bullet and install it.

My problem is that the CD drive on my iMac does not work and so I was not going to be able to use the installation disc with the new printer.  I downloaded the appropriate drivers from HP and hoped I would be able to get it to work.

After a lot of fiddling around and installing things, it is now working!  Connected wirelessly to all my machines! The old one is boxed up ready to go to the dump tomorrow.

The Louisa Harding books have just arrived and so I shall be sending out all pre-orders tomorrow. Also the Amitola and Orielle are here and I will put them in my shop tomorrow.

John has gone fishing with Kevin – Slip has gone too