June 29th

I have put a set of Knit Pro Dreamz interchangeable needles in my store, also a set of Knit Pro Dreamz Crochet Hooks. I think the colour coding of needles is a good idea. Once you get to know which colour represents which size, it will save peering at the tiny sizes stamped on the needles.

So Spain and Italy are the Euro 2012 finalists – I hope Italy win but I think Spain will beat them. All will be revealed on Sunday night.

I have felt rather harassed today as John decided to re-wire the circuit that takes power to the cigar lighter that is in the back of his car.  He needs two sockets – one to charge his phone and one for the Snooper ( police speed trap detector.)  The Snooper is using the one in the front of the car but the one in the back was not working. He has taken it all to pieces and keeps coming in and asking me to look up things on the internet about the maze of wires that he has found!  I am sick of hearing about amps, fuses, watts and voltage!

Nothing special planned for the weekend.  We might go for a drink tonight and meet up with Sonia and Bill who are going to Couples Negril on Sunday on my recommendation. Needless to say, I am green with envy!!

I made a new dish last night – it was linguini tossed with white crabmeat, chilli, lemon juice, wafer thin slices of cucumber , olive oil and flat leaved parsley. It was good – I love all pasta!

Going to iron now – I wish Jackson or Slip would learn how to use an iron!!

June 27th

I am expecting some of the Knit Pro Dreamz needles and also some new Knit Pro shawl pins. They should have come today but, unless the courier is doing a midnight run, they will not come now!

Jackson is in disgrace.  He came in and I thought he had dried blood on his ears. On closer inspections it was clumps of fleas – hundreds of them.  I spent at least 20 minutes combing them out. He must have had his head in a rabbit hole all day.  He does not mind me combing but I could see his ears are sore and had been bleeding inside. I expect he had been scratching.

John went fishing yesterday and caught 6 trout – Slip has eaten one and the rest are in the freezer ready for subsequent dog meals. John gave one to Steve who collected it this evening. He has a new puppy, a black cocker Spaniel called Belle.  She is adorable. Jackson was not impressed and did the hairpin and puffed his tail up!

Going to watch the football tonight – I think Portugal will win!

June 25th

Here is Jackson resting under his cat tree.  He spends a lot of time there, just watching the world go by!

The football is down to the last four.. We have Diane ( Portugal ) v Janet ( Spain ) and Christine ( Germany ) v Susan ( Italy). Those games are played on Wednesday and Thursday with the final being on Sunday.

We are going fishing tonight after dinner.  Slip can have a swim and I can sit and knit whilst John fishes.  It is relaxing by the water.

No other earth shattering news today.  Time to get my parcels ready for the postman.  Back tomorrow

June 23rd

Jackson's New Collar

Against my better judgement, I bought Jackson a new collar today. It is yellow leather. He was not in a good mood when I tried to photograph him wearing it and would not pose! He did say that you are to take note of his fine whiskers.

We are not going out tonight – I am cooking West Indian spicy shrimps with rice.  And tomorrow I am making Spanish chicken with celery and leeks and rice all in one pot.  And I am going to make a plum custard tart – same as the rhubarb one but using plums.

I have put the Louisa Harding Mulberry Hand Beaded in my shop. Also some more Filatura di Crosa at special prices. If you go to the FIlatura Special Offers page and sort by Newest, the special offers will appear first – save you wading through tons of items!

Time to get lunch already – John and Slip are over the wood but will be back soon and so I had better get cracking!

June 22nd

Louisa Harding Hand Beaded Mulberry Silk

Louisa Harding Hand Beaded Mulberry Silk

Sorry to be missing for a day!  I have been photographing all the Louisa Harding Hand Beaded Mulberry Silk and it will be available in my store from tomorrow. It is beautiful with gold and silver beads on all the shades.

Today we went to the seaside for a crab lunch. It was a rainy day and so we could not eat outside but it was still nice to get away for a few hours.

Jackson caught the tiniest rabbit yesterday – it was no bigger than my hand. I did not realise he had caught it until I heard a lot of scrabbling and when I investigated I found the rabbit behind the television huddled up in a corner.  I managed to rescue it and release it in the front garden. It hopped off unharmed.

Tomorrow it is the hairdresser and grocery shopping. I am going to have a sort out of Kureyon and Silk Garden oddments – so much to do and so little time! Back tomorrow.

June 20th

Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK

All shades of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK are now in stock – the last few colours arrived today along with Rowan Creative Linen in Natural which was out of stock.

The Euro 2012 football competition is down to the last eight and so here is the list of who is still in with a chance:

Czech Republie ( Kim) v Portugal ( Diane)

Germany ( Christine ) v Greece ( Cathy )

Spain ( Janet ) v France ( Jacki )

England ( Amie ) v Italy ( Susan )

First match is tomorrow night!  Good luck.

We are going fishing again tonight – John does salmon casting practice and I sit in the car and watch the ducks and geese on the lake and Slip has a swim.  It passes an hour or two. The hours between 6.0 and 8.0 pm always seem rather empty!

I am cooking spare ribs for dinner with pilau rice. Slip has already had hers – two chicken kebabs and 6 chipolatas!   Back tomorrow!

June 19th

Noro Magazine

Here is the first issue of the Noro Magazine.  The patterns are lovely – bright colours and strong contrasts.

Jackson is in big trouble – he has lost 2 collars in less than a week. Last Thursday I bought him a navy blue one with diamante studs and had lost that by Sunday. Yesterday I bought him a black velvet one with green cats eyes on it – gone!  I think he gets them hooked on the stalks of the rape in the field next to our house and as they are the quick release type ( no buckle ) they just pop open.

Nothing very exciting today. It has been warm and sunny and we are going to take Slip for a walk in a moment and look for more bee orchids.

I can tell John is thinking of going to Ireland again as he has not put his suitcase back in the loft and he is studying the weather forecast with more interest than usual.  Oh well, in some ways I quite like being alone – at least I can do what I want to do and do it when I want to!!  Back tomorrow.