February 28th

Sorry…..I have been plagued with a horrid headache since yesterday.

The Bergere de France rep came this afternoon. I could hardly take in what she said. There is a gorgeous new children’s pattern book which I ordered but all the rest went in one ear and out the other.

John has bad mouth ulcers and is very prickly…..snapping at me like a prize turtle! Biting the hand that feeds him!

I am going to bed now…….new month tomorrow……hopefully it will be better than cold February!

Back tomorrow.

February 26th

The Filatura di Crosa Superior arrived today – lots of lovely new shades. I like how it is packed in boxes as it is much easier to store than squashy packs that seem to have a mind of their own once opened. 

Jackson is a bit under the weather today. He did not want to play toss the clothes peg!  He was out rabbiting all night and so maybe he is tired.

Only Susan and Maureen had the correct answer to the puzzle – the order of the big cats is


Their next question is to do with sales volume and income.

Last month my five top selling items for quantity were all Rowan yarns.  Felted Tweed, Kidsilk Haze, Softknit Cotton, Calmer Preen and Fine Tweed.  Can you put them in order one to five with the top seller as number one and so on.

Then as far as income goes the top five were Calmer Calmer, Calmer Preen, Kidsilk Haze, Felted Tweed and Softknit Cotton. Can you put them in order with the one that made the most income at 1 and so on.

Whoever gets the most right will be the winner! Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Turnover as the subject by midnight Friday please.

I used my new food processor today to slice some potatoes. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. I can see that you need to put uniform pieces into the tube and put them all in the same way round otherwise some come out flat and thick and others come out long and thin! Next I am going to try the dough hook!

Back tomorrow.

February 25th

I am expecting the new Artesano sock yarn this week along with the FIlatura di Crosa Superior.I expect it will all come at once and John will grumble!  He is thinking of going fishing in Scotland next month. I wish he would take Slip with him so that I could have a longer sleep in the mornings. I am always up at 7.0am and have to get up then even when he is away as Slip has to be let out. When we go on holiday he has me up at the crack of dawn to walk the beach!

We are going to the fishing lake now to feed the fish and let Slip have a run. Jackson is fast asleep in the bath of all places!  We have a new game – he sits on the top tier of his cat tree and I throw a clothes peg up to him and he catches it in his front paws and throws it back to me!  He gets very excited and chats away.  I will get John to take a photo!  Back tomorrow,


February 23rd

It snowed again this morning – only a dusting but it is still very cold. I went grocery shopping and then to the hairdresser.

We are not going out tonight. I am cooking prawns in tempura batter. I don’t want to go out when it is so cold – nicer to stay in by the fire.

John is going to buy a new car. He is such a ditherer. He has finally decided on a Mercedes Estate but is now hovering about buying brand new or second hand with low mileage. When I want something, I know immediately what I want – no pouring over magazines and web sites.It’s a wonder John ever gets dressed – he agonises about which colour socks to put on every morning.  Me, I just put on the first ones that come to hand – often not even a pair!

Maureen, Susan, Kessa and Theresa all solved the Otter question – now we will have a word search.


An art gallery has an octagonal room where paintings of big cats are displayed.One painting hangs on each wall. Can you determine which cat is on which wall?

The cats are Leopard, Tiger, Lynx, Ocelot, Lion, Panther, Cheetah, Cougar.

1.The leopard has two vowels in common with the wild cat diagonally opposite

2. The lion is not next to the lynx, which is positioned at an odd number

3. The ocelot, that is two places clockwise from the tiger, has two letters in common with the    cat diagonally opposite.

4. The cougar is at position No. 7

5. The tiger has no letters in common with the cat diagonally opposite

6 The cheetah is positioned two higher than the lion, which has one letter in common with         the cat diagonally opposite.      

Image    Image

Answers to jannette@easynet.co.uk with Cats as subject by Monday midnight please.

Now I am going to make an apple and blackberry pie for lunch tomorrow!



February 22nd


A box of assorted Easyknits yarn arrived at 7.30 am this morning!  It is gorgeous – such lovely colours and so soft.  There were patterns in the box too!

We went to the garden centre today and bought 3 black currant bushes and 1 gooseberry bush. I hate picking black currants – sticky fingers!  John loves black currants – I see pies looming on the horizon.

It has been snowing a little and is still bitterly cold. Seems ages  until we go to Barbados – six months to struggle through.  Jackson says he is looking forward to going to Timbers cattery and has requested that he be housed next to another pedigree cat. The cats last time were not top drawer!  

Off to get ready for the post collection now – I can hardly write the customs labels as my hands are so cold.  Back tomorrow.